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At Janet, Janet & Suggs, we believe that all cases, no matter their size, deserve justice. Our dedicated team of attorneys has recovered over a billion dollars on behalf of our clients. If you or a loved one suffered a birth injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Call our Minnesota office today at (651) 243-2972 to learn about your options.
  • $33.5 Million
    Delayed C-Section A jury found that delays in performing an urgently needed cesarean section resulted in a baby developing severe brain damage and cerebral palsy.
  • $24 Million
    Failure To Diagnose One of the largest medical malpractice jury verdicts ever won in the District of Columbia, obtained for a child who suffered brain damage and cere­bral palsy because her doctors failed to properly diagnose and respond to an airway obstruction.
  • $15.5 Million
    Mismanaged Labor & Delivery Broke the record for the largest birth injury jury award in Minnesota, obtained on behalf of a child who suffered brain damage and devel­oped cere­bral palsy as a result of misman­age­ment of labor and delivery.
  • $15 Million
    Delayed Delivery Settlement obtained in a case involving an obstetrician’s failure to come to the hospital to deliver a baby in a timely manner. The delay caused brain damage that was ulti­mately diag­nosed as cere­bral palsy.
  • $13.5 Million
    Fetal Monitoring Errors This record jury verdict in Iowa was obtained for a child’s cere­bral palsy caused by brain injury as the result of inconsistent fetal heart monitoring during birth.
  • $10.8 Million
    Failure To Respond To Uterine Rupture Jury verdict for a child who suffers from cere­bral palsy and mental retar­da­tion due to a failure to respond to signs and symp­toms of a uterine rupture.
  • $9.5 Million
    Failure To Treat Infection An infant developed cerebral palsy after signs of an infection were not immediately treated by emergency room personnel.
  • $9.3 Million
    Birth Injury Jury awards record verdict in Minnesota for child’s cere­bral palsy caused by brain injury sustained during birth.
  • $9 Million
    Sonogram Misinterpretation Settlement reached in a case involving the misin­ter­pre­ta­tion of a prenatal sono­gram that resulted in the birth of a child with severe, life-long brain damage.
  • $8.25 Million
    Airway Obstruction Recovery for failure to properly respond to airway obstruction resulting in brain damage at birth.
  • $8 Million
    Asphyxiation At Birth Settlement reached on behalf of a baby asphyx­i­ated at birth because of the failure to timely and appro­pri­ately use a vacuum extrac­tion device or forceps to speed up vaginal delivery.
  • $7.3 Million
    Placental Abruption Mishandled Recovery for a child because of a failure to respond in a timely manner to signs of placental abruption resulting in severe brain damage.
  • $5 Million
    Improper Delivery Forceps and vacuum extraction were improperly used during delivery.
  • $5 Million
    Labor & Delivery Mismanaged Recovery for a child who suffered cerebral palsy and mental retardation because of a mismanaged labor and delivery.
  • $4.75 Million
    Failure To Manage Infection Failure to manage signs and symptoms of infection that developed shortly after delivery, resulting in meningitis.
  • $4.65 Million
    Anesthesia Negligence Verdict reached on behalf of a child due to the negligent decision to use a slow-acting form of anesthesia for an emergency cesarean section. The inordinate delay caused the baby to suffer a neuro­log­ical injury that was later diag­nosed as cere­bral palsy.
  • $4.5 Million
    Sonogram Misread Settlement obtained for a baby whose prenatal sono­gram was misread, resulting in lack of advance prepa­ra­tion to provide adequate oxygen support at the time of his birth.
  • $4.25 Million
    Severe Dehydration At Birth Recovery for a child who has brain damage and seizure disorder because of a negligent failure to respond to severe dehydration in a newborn.
  • $1.85 Million
    Vacuum Extraction Negligence Caused significant intracranial bleeds that in turn caused pulmonary and cardiac complications and death.
  • $6 Million
    Failure To Perform Emergency C-Section Recovery of $6 million after medical staff failed to appropriately interpret and respond to evidence of fetal compromise and perform emergency C-section, resulting in brain damage.

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