Common Cerebral Palsy Causes & Birth Injury Cases

Common Cerebral Palsy Causes & Birth Injury Cases

A child born with cerebral palsy (CP), or who suffers it shortly after birth, will live with the consequences of the brain injury for the rest of their lives. It is common for children with CP to have difficulty controlling their own muscles, rendering them disabled or largely debilitated. Severe learning disabilities are also associated with the symptoms of CP, sometimes to the point where the child cannot advance in regular schooling.

The parents of children with CP will face difficult challenges as they raise their child. Continued healthcare and therapies needed to help a child with CP grow up as healthy as can be will accrue a significant financial toll as the years go on. The constant effort to watch over and care for a child with CP can also be emotionally taxing, to the point that a lessened enjoyment of life occurs. If the cause of CP can be tracked back to a medical provider’s mistake, though, a birth injury claim might be possible to pursue fair compensation to help pay for medical bills and create peace of mind.

What are some of the most common causes of cerebral palsy, though?

  • Lower-than-normal birthweight appears to be a major contributing factor to CP incidents, especially in cases where CP occurs before the child is born. Children who are born prematurely or who were part of a multiple birth are more likely to have low birthweights.
  • When a mother has a serious infection, illness, or medical condition during pregnancy, its consequences can sometimes harm her unborn child. Extended, high fevers seem to increase the chances of a child suffering CP in utero. Obstetricians have the responsibility of monitoring a pregnant woman’s health, as well as her unborn child’s, and should be able to help prevent such side effects to illnesses.
  • Oxygen deprivation is thought to also be a significant contributor to the number of cerebral palsy cases each year. Unborn children may develop complications that reduce the oxygen they receive, such as disconnection from the placenta or the umbilical cord wrapping around them. Children can also lose oxygen during the birthing process due to similar complications. Medical providers have to act quickly and accordingly to ensure children are not oxygen deprived during, before, and after birth.
  • Medical malpractice is also a common and completely inexcusable cause of cerebral palsy in infants. A medical provider can cause a child to suffer a brain injury through a number of negligent mistakes. For example, a doctor can pull on a child too harshly during birth, or misuse medical equipment, permanently damaging the child’s head in the process.

Do you believe your child’s cerebral palsy could be linked to a moment or moments of medical malpractice or negligence? You and your child deserve justice and fair compensation. Contact Janet, Janet & Suggs and speak to our Minnesota birth injury attorneys right away. We have represented clients all across the nation, accruing billions of dollars in total settlement and verdict amounts along the way. Find out how we can help you by calling (651) 243-2972 now.


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