Be Informed: Birth Injuries, Their Causes and Taking Action

Be Informed: Birth Injuries, Their Causes and Taking Action

What Are Common Birth Injuries?

An expecting parent may not expect an injury to occur during the birth process, but it is helpful to know what may happen if your baby has trouble.

Some of the common birth injuries are:

  • Cephalohematoma. This is the term used to describe an area of bleeding under one of the baby’s cranial bones (skull). It may appear as a lump on the baby’s head and can reabsorb into the body after several weeks or a few months.
  • Fractures. The most common fracture is of the baby’s shoulder/clavicle bone due to trouble passing the shoulders through the birth canal.
  • Neurological Injuries. These are injuries to the body’s nervous system, affecting the spinal cord, the brain or the nerves. These injuries can sometimes be permanent.
  • Cerebral Palsy. This is the leading cause of childhood disability and often affects body movement and muscle coordination with varying degrees of severity.
  • Facial Paralysis. This is the result of pressure on the baby’s face during delivery. Some cases resolve within days or weeks, others may require medical attention or surgery.

Why Might My Baby Have an Injury?

Factors that may result in, or contribute to, injury include:

  • Prolonged or Difficult Labor. A delayed birth causes the human brain to be under pressure longer than expected. In these cases, doctors will watch for signs of distress to determine if a cesarean section is necessary.
  • Oxygen Deprivation. This could be due to a knot in the umbilical cord or underdeveloped lungs.
  • Large birth weight. This may cause difficulties during birth (typically over 9 pounds or 4,000 ounces).
  • Breech or Abnormal Birth Presentation. This is when a baby is born feet-first or in an abnormal position.

Looking for Legal Counsel for Birth Injury in the Minnesota Area?

You are not alone. If your baby suffered an injury due to trauma incurred during birth, call us to learn what your rights are, how we can help and what legal steps to take. Our dedicated and passionate team can ease the stress so you can take care of what matters most: your baby.

If you believe your child was injured at birth, call (651) 243-2972 for legal assistance from a Minnesota birth injury lawyer at our office.


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