Do I Have a Birth Injury Case?

Do I Have a Birth Injury Case?

Crucial Elements of a Birth Injury Claim

Sometimes children can be born with injuries or disorders as a result of genetics, maternal infections, preexisting conditions, and a variety of other reasons unrelated to medical malpractice. In other cases, children and mothers are directly harmed during labor and delivery because of a doctor or medical facility’s negligence. When this happens, you may be able to successfully file a birth injury claim and recover compensation for your child’s medical bills, corrective procedures, and other injury-related costs, as well as for pain, suffering, and emotional anguish.

Signs You May Have a Viable Birth Injury Case

You may have a viable birth injury claim if:

  • Your child was injured because your doctor ignored or overlooked obvious signs of fetal or maternal distress.
  • Your doctor improperly used delivery tools, such as a vacuum or forceps, causing palsy or another injury.
  • Your doctor prescribed a medication or treatment which led to birth defects or injuries.
  • Your doctor failed to properly assess your child’s health in the womb.
  • The hospital or medical facility where you gave birth was improperly managed, resulting in equipment defects, maternal infection, or other problems that directly harmed the child.

You may also have a birth injury case if your child was born with any of the following:

These are just a few scenarios in which you may have a legitimate birth injury claim. Due to the nature of birth injuries and the complexities of labor and delivery, it can be challenging to decipher on your own whether your child’s injury is the result of medical malpractice or not. For your own good and the sake of your child’s future well-being, connect with a birth injury attorney near you as soon as possible in order to get the trustworthy legal counsel you need and chart the best path forward.

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If your child was injured as a result of labor complications or a preexisting issue, you probably have a lot of questions. Our team at Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC has the answers you need and wise legal guidance you can rely on during this difficult time.

Allow our Minnesota birth injury lawyers to evaluate your case and help you determine whether your child’s birth injuries were caused by reckless oversight, sub-par medical care, or another form of negligence. Should this be the case, we are prepared to come alongside you and represent you in order to hold your physician or medical care facility responsible for the harm they have caused.

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