Are Birth Injuries Avoidable?

Are Birth Injuries Avoidable?

When a child is born with a birth injury, the parents will understandably want to know how such a thing could happen. Asking a medical provider if anything could have been done to prevent a birth injury is not usually the right move, though. A doctor who assisted with the birth will almost assuredly say the birth injury was unavoidable. But is this true, or are they just trying to avoid liability?

Most Birth Injuries Should Be Avoidable

The truth is most birth injuries should be entirely preventable with proper medical care and attention. Modern advancements in technology and delivery methods have dramatically improved the safety a mother and child experience during birth. If something goes wrong, there is a high chance it is caused by negligence.

Medical providers need to always be attentive during delivery to look for signs of fetal distress. For example, a newborn who is positioned incorrectly within the birthing canal could be at risk of shoulder dystocia or another similar birth injury if the birth is allowed to continue without adjustment. Doctors and nurses present should be able to notice the newborn’s displacement and take preventative steps as needed.

The prevention of birth injuries does not begin and end during birth, though. Obstetricians and other medical providers have the responsibility of caring for a pregnant mother and her unborn child well before the birth is ever scheduled. After a child is born, other medical providers will need to pay close attention to the mother and the newborn for any signs of complications.

Do Not Confuse Birth Injuries for Birth Defects

A child born with a birth defect is born with some sort of disability or abnormality caused by a genetic predisposition. Even if a birth defect is detectable, there might be nothing medical providers can do to prevent it. However, it is important to not mix up birth injuries for birth defects. A dishonest or inexperienced medical provider may tell you that a birth injury is a defect, and therefore could not be prevented.

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