What Are the Risks of Failing to Monitor Fetal Heartbeat?

What Are the Risks of Failing to Monitor Fetal Heartbeat?

Sometimes, birth injuries are unavoidable, regardless of the caliber of medical treatment you receive during pregnancy and labor. However, others may come about as the result of carelessness by your physician, as may be the case with birth injuries caused by failure to adequately monitor and respond to abnormalities in fetal heart rate.

Why Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Is Critical

Fetal heart rate monitoring is essential because it provides your physician with a window into your child’s current state at all phases of pregnancy and throughout delivery. If you are still pregnant, checking your child’s heart rate can allow your doctor to detect potential signs of deformities, infections, injuries, and other health complications. Such knowledge allows your obstetrician or other doctors to make necessary accommodations in order to avoid exacerbating preexisting problems and causing new injuries at birth.

When the time comes and labor begins, fetal heart rate monitoring is even more crucial to your child’s health. As you are likely aware, birth is incredibly stressful for both mother and child, and there are many things that can go wrong. By attaching a fetal heart rate monitor in a timely fashion and attentively watching for changes or abnormalities in your child’s heartbeat during labor, your doctor may be able to pick up on signs of fetal distress.

Knowing that your child is in distress may prompt your physician to adjust their methods in order to avoid injury. However, a doctor who is not paying attention to your child’s heartbeat may commit a number of serious or deadly errors, such as:

  • Delayed C-section
  • Injuring your child by using forceps, vacuums, and other assistive devices
  • Failure to detect shoulder dystocia
  • Causing a child to become stuck in the vaginal canal

Injuries that May Result from Failure to Monitor Fetal Heartbeat

If your doctor fails to detect and appropriately respond to signs of fetal distress, such as an accelerated heart rate, your child could experience any number of serious injuries, including (but not limited to):

At our Minnesota injury firm, we believe doctors and other medical professionals should be accountable for any and all damage done through their negligence, especially when it causes costly, debilitating injuries. Get in touch with a birth injury attorney immediately if you and your family have suffered because of the recklessness of an obstetrician or other medical professionals.

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